Single Happy Ready to Date

Single Happy Ready to Date

Do you want a healthy, loving, romantic relationship that lasts? Would you also like to be able to enjoy life while single and preparing to meet someone you can develop an amazing life with? Does it seem impossible or just very stressful to navigate being single and the dating world? This is a common experience for single women. So much so that it can seem unrealistic to think you can be happy while single, enjoy dating, and find the kind of partner you have been hoping to find. But not only is it possible, and realistic, it is essential to your quality of life and success that you learn how to be fulfilled within yourself, and if you want a relationship that you know how to date and choose a viable partner that shares your vision and commitment to a life together. Matter of fact, being fulfilled as a single person increases your capacity for better dating experiencing and romantic relationships. 

Part of my life's work has been to spread the awareness that this is possible, and to teach women how to achieve this for themselves. I have been helping women get out of toxic relationships, heal and recover from breakups, cultivate better relationships with themselves, enjoy being single, develop better dating habits, and find quality partners,  for over 10 years. And now I want to help you. 

Are you ready to change your single and dating life?

Society tries to make being  single as a woman, especially a woman past her 20s, feel like a mark of shame or a prison sentence. Women hear things like "something must be wrong if you are single" and "thats why you don't have a man." Men are not validated by having a relationship or being married, or shamed and stigmatized for not having a relationship or wife, but unfortunately, even in this day and age women still are.

Fortunately for you, you do not have to allow society's double standards to dictate your happiness as a single person. You do not have to succumb to the pressure to hurry and settle on just anybody to call your man or marry just to suffer through the relationship. You can take your power to be happy back, date with intention, purpose, and enjoyment, and choose a person that shares in your relationship values, goals, vision, and commitment to your relationship. Get the knowledge and tools you need as well as the guidance in applying them to change your single and dating life the better in the Single Happy Ready to Date course on under courses. 

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